ED – A growing problem!

viagra_cialis_pillsAccording to recent research, nearly one in every ten men suffers from Erectile Dysfunction (ED), which leaves many of them searching for the best ED treatment they can afford, including the use of highly effective ED medication like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. However, the fact is that these numbers (of men seeking treatment for ED) are continually growing.

Famous TV personality, and well respected medical doctor, Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD, puts the number of men in the United States alone, who could benefit from ED treatments, at roughly 30 million. Sadly, there are so many myths and fallacies out there, that men looking for ED treatment options are often confused about what to do!

The science behind ED


ED isn’t simply about growing old, though statistics do indicate that as men grow older (60-65), they are more likely to suffer from sexual dysfunction. The fact of the matter is that ED is a medical condition that’s well understood by medical practitioners, and there are a number of ED treatment options available for men suffering from the condition.

ED isn’t a “disease” that one contracts from a virus or through physical/sexual contact. There may be any number of reasons that men suffer from sexual dysfunction leading up to ED, including:

        • The natural aging process which leads to (penile) muscles degenerating
        • Medical conditions that cause restriction or impede the natural flow of blood to the body
        • Medications that men may currently be using which trigger circulatory issues

Any/all of these reasons might prompt men to look for appropriate Erectile Dysfunction treatment that fit their lifestyles.

In its simplest form, ED is caused as a result of a restriction of blood flow to the penile region. As the blood carrying vessels constrict, either with age or other medical, physical or psychological reasons, the muscles of the penis are unable to either produce or sustain an erection. With over the counter ED treatment, such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra, or other prescription-based ED treatments, normal blood flow can quickly be restored, giving a man his ability to perform sexual activity once more.

Knowing when to seek help

Intimacy is a very private and personal choice for most men, and when they have difficulty being intimate, men don’t usually like to talk about it. Whether it is with a same-sex partner, a wife, a girlfriend, a spouse or with a casual acquaintance, discussing their need for treatment for ED is not something that comes naturally. But here are some signs to look out for:

        • If you have difficulty attaining an erection, even when sexually aroused, it may be time to look into getting Erectile Dysfunction treatment
        • When you can’t sustain an erection long enough to perform most sexual acts, you may be suffering from ED

Many men confuse the loss of libido (desire to seek intimacy) as a sign that they should seek treatment for ED. That is NOT the case. It’s true that low libido might cause a man to not have an erection fit for sexual activity, but that in and of itself is not a sign that a man should start shopping around for ED treatment options to address the “issue”.

Additionally, just because a man experiences occasional “lack of performance” challenges in the bedroom, does not mean that’s a sign that he suffers from ED. It is a fact that many men do occasionally perform poorly in bed. But most of those episodes might be temporary, and related to transient events in a man’s life. Once those events pass, most men are able to live full and satisfactory sexual lives again.

However, a sure sign that one should immediately seek Erectile Dysfunction treatment is if the “non performance” issues persist over a lengthy period. And if a man does not seek appropriate help, whether it is in the form of over the counter ED treatment, including ED medication like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra, or consultations with a medical professional, then there could be severe repercussions, including:

        • Severe loss of self respect
        • Loss of self confidence
        • Stress (due to non performance) which further aggravates the issue
        • Severely damaged intimate relationships (including break up of marriages, divorce, separations)
        • Psychological distress
        • Work-related issues (lack of concentration, absenteeism, poor work performance)

All of these conditions can easily be avoided if men learn to recognize the signs and consider receiving appropriate ED treatments well before things spiral out of control.

Treatments that really work

The bad news is that if men don’t actively look for ED treatment options, their situation could deteriorate, and their quality of life can be seriously impacted. But there’s good news too! A man can get the best ED treatment easily, conveniently and discretely today. While there is no “cure” for it, ED medications like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra make managing and treating ED safe and effective.

When the instructions in the package are closely followed, treatments like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra (amongst others) can prove to be a highly successful treatment for ED. Using these drugs men can quickly resume normal sexual activity safely, without fear of serious side effects.